Monday, December 26, 2011

Change, the only thing that's guaranteed ~

Wow, back to my blog site!
So, so, exciting.... 2011 has been so busy with the
ongoing changes with life. All in a good way, just
not enough hours in the day.

Ram ping down the antique shop in Ontario, 
(Treasures N Junk) with the blog, FB, and website,
and getting back into the arts with Doll Couture, and 
photographing all interesting elements of this adventure.
Along, with all the events that this life has to offer.

So, I hope to bring you new and interesting things, and learn 
lots of new things that I will love to share with you.

Blessings to you in this New Year of 2012,
always be in your hearts.

and we have new puppies ~ 

I have two left, a male (tan & white), 
and a female (black, tan, white feets)
to bestow a loving home to. 

Here is the Mr. (black & white) & Mrs. (brown & white)

Please give me a call on 909-981-5008 ~

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