Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Paper Creations and Beyond ~

Hi Peeps ~
I've been away to long from sharing with you all, and I miss you.
Lots has been going on in the last several months with promising
abundance around the homestead and now its setting down to become
routine. And that is nice.

On with the latest project interest I have come across, 
that has been the box since Dec. 25. 

It's a "Cricut", a fancy and intricate little power machine, that
has the ability to cut & create amazing paper products.
It's also small and way, way, less expensive then it's next in line 
sister machine, and I'm definitely at entry level in the
 "creative paper world". 
Also,  a huge eye catcher, when JoAnn's had it on SALE for $49. 
And now, it's practically paying for itself.

Hehe, Hehe.......

After attending the 1st class at the end of January at
Our instructor "Galye Wheaton" (pictured below) 
was so kind and offered to proceed with a follow up class to really 
show us with this machine can produce.
Projects and cartridges galore.

So, on to the 2nd class.....

Fellow students Bobbie Gortiz (on the left) and 
Janene Brunett ( on the right).

What was really cool is, Bobbie took the class because 
her sister has a Cricut and tons of cartridges, and wanted to learn more about 
the featuresbefore she purchased her own. Our instructor Galye lent her one to
use during the class. And Janene, got her Cricut as a Christmas gift, like me,
and needed to learn how to use it. 

Our first class project. The "Cricut" logo, his name is George.

Here is one of many of Gayle's projects.  A three dimensional
St. Patrick's Day card. This pictures does not do it justice, 
lots of details and glitter and layers to smile at.
It's awesome, just like Gayle.

My own attempt using two different machines, 
unsupervised and alone.  
One to create boxes using "Sizzix" Big Shot Express and to create 
the embellishments, I used the  "Cricut" personal.

Lots of little boxes......

Up closed......


I love the dress.....

Both machines are great to work with, each a workhorse in their own right.
And by the way, plan on having lots of storage room for all the amazing 
accessories that go along with new hobbies. 

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you found "SissyDreTwo" with not
to much trouble. 
Please don't forget to "Follow" along and sign up, more things
to come. 

& & & & & & & & & & & & & & & 

From "Pathways to Freedom"
by Alistair Begg

How sweet the name of Jesus sounds

in a believer's ear!

It soothes his sorrow, heals his wounds,

And drives away his fear.

What makes the lyric so remarkable is that it was written
by one who had been notorious for his blasphemy. This captain 
of a slave trading ship in the eighteenth century was reported 
to have been masterful at inventing profanity. What a change
in the life of John Newton, the author of "Amazing Grace."

Much Love to you daily ~
Sissy Dre Two

Much Love to you daily ~

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